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The path

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The Path: An Oral History By Dr. Mohsen Rezaei


The first book of Oral History Collection Mohsen Rezaii has been published as RAH title. The content of this book consists of three major parts of life: adolescence, era of struggle and course information. He was born in a nomadic family in 1333(1955). He arrived late in school. He began his political struggle with the regime, at the conservatory of the petroleum industry. He would preserve to join Guards of the Islamic Revolution and he launched the Guards information unit due to the threats. The introduction to this book states: The Oral History of Commanders is the most important source of sacred defense for the history of the community and its awareness of what constitutes the great event of contemporary Iranian history. Research and Documentation Center of Sacred Defense has begun oral history since February 1388 . Among the commanders, commander Mohsen Rezaii , the commander of the Revolutionary Guards was the first choice and managed to save the Islamic republic from two deadlines. Two examples of these situations are: 1. Civil war and armed movements of the MKO(Mojahedin Khalq Organization), Fadayi Khalq guerrillas and the Peykar organization, as well as the Tudeh Party's covert actions. 2. Coup d'etat known as Nojheh in July 1981( Bahman, 1359). The youth of the Imam's revolution in the guard's information unit succeeded in dismantling the organization of the hypocrites and the left-wing organizations with round-the-clock efforts. In addition, they were able to crush diverse crises in different parts of the country. These achievements of management and command Mohsen Rezaii , who considered himself the son of Imam, became special. The RAH book is set in seven sections: Family and adolescence, the era of struggle, the safeguarding of the revolution, the confrontation with political groups, USA the center of conspiracy, ethnic and religious provocations, the MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Organization) The Rah book Is a memoir of Dr. Mohsen Rezaiy, that is published by the documentation and research center of sacred defense in 2016 (1394). The Rah book has 576 pages.

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